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Stainless Steel Pillar Posts for 1999-2016 FORD F-250

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Don't settle for factory standard customize your ride. We manufacture and customize pillars from sheets of T304 stainless steel derived from a metallic solution of carbon and iron combined with chromium and nickel. The result is a sturdy, corrosion-resistant part finished off with chrome plating. Installation is a breeze with a tough automotive-quality adhesive. Your vehicle has several vertical pillars, or posts, that support the roof. They come in pairs with one on each side of the car. Sedans and two-seaters have six pairs, while longer vehicles have eight. (The A-pillars are on each side of the windshield. B-pillars are located between the front and back passenger windows. In sedans and some coupes, C-pillars hold up the roof over the rear window. Longer vehicles with extra space for additional passenger rows or cargo station wagons, vans, and SUVs have D-pillars to hold up the rear of the roof.) There's something about that mirror look from a new set of scratch-resistant stainless steel pillars. The shiny chrome finish gives your vehicle a sporty yet elegant look. Some car and truck models have designs that let you customize the other pillars as well. When you do this, you'll see how the pillars transform your vehicle's look. Installing new pillars is a breeze. Ours are customized to fit over the existing pillars and easy to apply yourself.
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