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SES Trims is your #1 Automotive Accessories Dealer - Chrome, Black-Out and Everything Else! Don't settle for factory 'standard' customize your ride. Adding Tailgate Moldings to your vehicle is another way to give additional flash to your car or truck, and provide the car body with some protection against unavoidable small dents and scratches. Our Tailgate Moldings are manufactured in stainless steel and come finished with chrome to give your vehicle a streamlined, sporty look. Tailgate Moldings are placed around the car, on the lower half of driver and passenger doors, around wheel wells, and along bumpers. These are also places where fixing dents can be particularly expensive. Installing body molding can reduce the chances of a body panel becoming dented since the molding will absorb much of the damage. Door moldings acts as a guard against sharp edges that can ding your doors. Wheel well moldings cover and overlap the space between the body and the tires. Bumper moldings are attached to bumpers to protect them from scratches and dents from fender-benders. Tailgate Moldings have the advantage of being very attractive as well as useful. Many customers want them even before considering their protective role. It is far less expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace a dented body mold than it is for a major part like a car door or bumper. Tailgate Moldings will easily attach to your car or truck with a strong adhesive. We recommend that you use a carpentry level to ensure that Tailgate Moldings installed on doors and bumpers are applied straightly. Looking for the perfect chrome cocktail??? Check out our other products to complete the 'buzz' you've been looking to find.
Application List
ImageApplicationDetailStockPriceAdd to Cart
 Cadillac Escalade (2004-2013) - EXTOut of Stock--Call for Price
 Chevrolet Avalanche (2007-2013)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2004-2017)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Dodge Ram 1500 (2004-2010)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Dodge Ram 2500 (2004-2010)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Ford F-150 (1999-2017)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Ford F-250 (1999-2016)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Ford F-350 (1999-2016)Out of Stock--Call for Price
 Ford F-450 (1999-2016)Out of Stock--Call for Price
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Matte Black